At SHIFT, we don't "do" spin bikes :)

You bring your own bike and we lock your back wheel into a "Computrainer". Why your own bike? Because it's fit to YOU, it's YOUR saddle, it's YOUR shoes, and it's what YOU ride outside. This way you train on what you are most comfortable on! You will learn technique and efficiency skills on your bike which will translate directly to your outdoor riding!

Our classes are all professionally scripted 90 minute workouts. All of our coaches are incredibly talented athletes and you will learn from every single class. Yes, Ironman champions, Category 1 Professional Cyclists, professional triathlon coaches....and best yet, all terrific people who love what they do and genuinely want to help you learn and work on your fitness.

Our classes are taught with power "zones." This simply means that each athlete will have a set of power zones based on their specific fitness. Each person’s fitness is indeed different. What is so COOL about these workouts is that everyone in the class does the same workout. When the coach tells you to ride in "zone 2", for you that may be 200 watts of power and your neighbor may be at 100 watts of power. All good, all customized to your fitness level. We WELCOME everyone!

You simply have to try it! You WILL sweat, you WILL work hard, you WILL leave feeling accomplished (and likely hungry!) :)

What to Bring:  

  •  Bike
  •  Cycling Shoes
  •  Water Bottle

What we Provide

  • Full water service - you never get off the bike, we fill your bottles throughout class
  • Shower towels and sweat towels
  • Fully stocked locker room toiletries (soap, shampoo, conditioner, razors)
  • Packaged nutrition products for sale (Clif bloks, Bonk Breakers, Awesome bars, Mojo bars, Nuun, Osmo, Ultragen, Skratch, SOS)
  • Fresh food for sale (Equator coffee, bananas, Sprogs rice scooters, Crunch Culture yogurt, almond milk, chocolate milk)
  • Mechanic Services available (full tune ups, bike parts, home trainer tires, tubes and any bike maintenance or adjustments on request)