SHIFT has everything you need for a great strength workout. We have a squat rack with Olympic bars and bumper plates, kettle bells, bosu balls, resistance bands, plyo boxes, rings, TRX straps, weight benches and a treadmill. You can workout on your own before or after class OR you can book a one-on-one or small group session with one of our professional strength coaches.

Strength Coaches


 As a personal trainer, Kate concentrates on endurance-specific, functional training for runners and cyclists, corrective exercise prescription and rehabilitation for sport-specific injuries and dynamic, focused strength training aimed for metabolic efficiency and overall health.  She has 13+ years of experience spanning from elite triathletes, cyclists and runners to those recovering from serious injuries, or looking to make a personal life shift.  Kate is available for individual training, group training, boot camps and informational coaching presentations.


 As a personal trainer, Gardie has 25 years of experience in athletic sports conditioning.  He specializes in core strengthening for endurance athletes and has worked with Olympic and professional athletes in bobsled, skeleton, down hill skiing, cross-country skiing, triathlon and cycling. His track record with strength includes:  Athletic Director at Silver Mountain Sports Club and Spa; Owned and operated Elevation - a fitness training center; Sole strength trainer for the physical therapy department at Park City Hospital.